Operations Center

How to Request a Service

Facilities Emergencies – 860-486-3113

Regular Requests – Complete a Service Request

Work Order Process

Purpose: To define the procedures for requesting maintenance and housekeeping service for the university.

General Information: The Facilities Operations department handles 24 hour maintenance requests for the university. The Operations Center provides a point of contact for the entire campus. This group acts as the communication center for all complaints, requests for repairs, and emergencies.

Procedure: All emergency requests should be called in to Operations Center at extension 6-3113 or 6-3114. Basic operational and/or routine maintenance services should be submitted via the Facilities Department Self Service System

Process: The customer will provide the following information for service requests:

  • Customer name and phone number
  • Location (building, floor, room number, etc.)
  • Alternate contact name if possible and their phone number
  • Department name
  • Detailed description of problem
  • KFS coding (may be needed for departments that are charged for services)

A work order will be assigned to the appropriate shop and issued a priority code. Priority codes are defined below:

Priority code #1: is assigned to emergency requests that could result in an immediate or imminent threat to life, or severe property damage: i.e.: animal lab temperature too high/low, flooding, no power, broken window.

Priority code #2: is assigned to building maintenance requests that will not result in injury or have a negative impact on the department: i.e.: broken toilet seat, squealing from worn belt, leaky faucet, broken light sensor.

Priority code #3: is assigned to minor maintenance routine requests: i.e.: ceiling tile replacement, hanging pictures or coat racks, ballast replacement.

The customer will receive a service request number for tracking and follow up purposes along with the shop assigned the repair. The supervisor will assign the job to the appropriate staff that will in turn contact the requester and perform the service work.  A customer response tag will be left for the requester in order to communicate the status of the job.

After the work order has been completed and closed out, Facilities Operations will send out at random, Customer Satisfaction Surveys to help ensure that the customer is receiving quality service in a timely manner.