Building Services

Building Services supports the campus by providing custodial and general maintenance services to the residence halls, athletic facilities, academic and administrative buildings. We strive to provide a safe, healthy and clean living environment for students, faculty and staff, summer guests, and rental housing tenants through effective facilities planning and by providing quick responses to building issues. This includes directly serving the daily maintenance and custodial needs for over 12,500 students living in residence halls and apartments, as well as supporting the minor maintenance needs of the campus, and overseeing a contract cleaning company for the University’s non-residential buildings.

In addition to the routine custodial and general maintenance responsibilities, the Building Services staff provides support to the University in the following areas:

  • Supplementing the snow removal effort
  • Contributing to the success of the recycling program
  • Coordinating the replacement and upgrade of furniture
  • Supporting Summer Conferences
  • Maintaining rental houses for visiting faculty, guests and staff

Building Services staff work with Residential Life to develop the scope of projects and initiates renovations to the residence halls in collaboration with other departments and the private sector. University and Residential Life initiatives such as Honors housing, EcoHouse, Global House, Spring Valley Farm and other learning communities all have event space, living and learning space and enhanced facilities that are supported by Building Services.

  1. AristideRistauDirector, Building Services(860)
  2. JamesAlbuquerqueArea Manager: South, Alumni, West, McMahon, Shippee, Buckley(860)
  3. NoraMcGeeArea Manager: Hale, Ellsworth, Garrigus, Hilltop Apartments, Next Gen(860)
  4. NathanBedardArea Manager: Towers, Husky Village, Mansfield Apts, Northwood Apts, East(860)
  5. RaymondHebertScience Area Manager(860)
  6. MarySpruellManager, Housekeeping Development(860)
  7. PatriciaGuay-richardsManager, Housekeeping Development(860)
  8. PeterDunnackManager, Inspection Service(860)
  9. JoanneSullivanSupport Staff(860)
  10. SherylNasanskyAdministrative Asssitant(860)