Business Service Center

The Business Service Center consolidates the administrative functions for Facilities Operations.  These functions include purchasing, hiring and employment, payroll, accounts payable, travel, budget, billing, accounting, reporting, financial analysis, business analysis and integrated workplace management system (IWMS) administration and support.  This group provides customer service to our employees and all of the customers and vendors of Facilities Operations, whether from within or outside the University.

In addition, the Business Service Center administers the Facilities Operations Five Year Plan, which includes the planning, prioritizing, funding and tracking of capital and maintenance projects managed by Facilities Operations to address deferred maintenance needs on the Storrs and Regional campuses.

As well, the Business Service Center manages the technical applications that are used to enhance the quality of operations and generate efficiencies for the Facilities Operations department.  This group conducts business process reviews of various units within the department to explore where the use of technology can be utilized to provide improvements to standard operating procedures.  This process consists of:

  • Evaluating Current Processes
  • Assessing Solutions
  • Procure New Software (where applicable)
  • Implementing Software/Modules (where applicable)
  • Reconfiguring Existing Software to Meet Business Needs
  • Training and Documentation


The Business Service Center also manages the following additional services for the University community:


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