Vehicle Leasing

Departments can request approval for a new or replacement vehicle through the Planning and Budget Office.  If approved, Facilities Operations (FO) will initiate the purchase of the vehicle, administer the leases, bill the department quarterly and maintain the vehicles.  Centralizing the purchasing of vehicles allows us to standardize vehicle types and appearance leading to a more flexible fleet and better pricing on our contracts.

Current lease terms are six years (standard vehicle)/ten years (heavy duty vehicle) and rates are calculated based on the purchase price of the vehicle plus an amount to cover service for preventative and routine maintenance due to normal wear and tear.  Services include, but are not limited to, regular oil changes, tire replacement/rotation, fluids, brake repairs/replacements, wiper replacements and cleaning.   Accident repair, extraordinary damage and optional equipment additions will be billable to the department.  By including the maintenance charge as part of the lease payment, the University ensures that all assets are regularly inspected and maintained.

To request a new or replacement vehicle click here: Vehicle Request Form

Below are current options for those who do not have a department vehicle available:

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