Physical Security

Physical Security seeks to maintain a safe campus environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors. We administer the local electronic card access and camera systems to support this effort.  We also handle the repair and maintenance of these systems.

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Policy Document:

Physical Security and Card Access Policy

Best Practices for Electronic Access User Groups

This describes the type of access typically granted and protocols for granting access to different members of the university community, as well as third parties.  There are also access protocol responsibilities based on type of access.

Facilities Operations recommends card access administrators use the following groupings for granting access:

  • Student Access
    • Residential Buildings:  Residence Life manages student access card and key authorization and use for all residence halls. Students have 24 hour access to the residential building in which they currently reside.
    • Academic Buildings: General card access to academic buildings can granted to students as determined by the department.  If a department requires additional card access or keys for graduate students, a work order can be placed.  FM issues keys and activates card access directly to authorized students after verifying with the appropriate department contact.
  • Faculty and Staff Access
    • The department manages keys and card access issued to faculty and staff that enable access to academic, administrative and unoccupied residential buildings when these buildings are locked. Faculty and staff requesting keys and/or card access must present to Facilities Operations a memorandum signed by an Authorized Signatory or an email request from an Authorized Signatory.
  • Vendor/Affiliate Access
    • Authorized vendors or contractors requiring access to university property should arrange for access through the appropriate department – typically, the department or unit issuing the contract with the vendor.  For keys or electronic access, the responsible department may use the following form.
    • As with university students, faculty, and staff, access must be approved by the appropriate Authorized Signatory and be arranged through Physical Security or Residence Life.  Approved vendors and contractors may check out keys from the Locksmith Shop in the Facilities Operations building, room 209.  Unless other arrangements have been made, keys must be returned daily.
  • Camp and Conference Participants
    • Conference Services/ Residential Life authorizes and manages the issuance of access cards and keys for camp and conference participants.  Access cards will be given unique numbers and once enabled for each camp and will be issued directly to participants by Conference Services.
    • Access cards and keys will only be valid for the duration of the camp or conference.
    • Conference Services will notify Physical Security if access cards or keys are lost.
    • All access cards and keys will be collected upon the completion of the camp or conference.

University ID Cards

  • The university ID card is used as the card key for the electronic access system.  University ID cards are issued by the One Card Office. Replacements cards are issued by the One Card Office.
  • Physical Security will activate individual card access to academic, administrative, and auxiliary buildings (or portions of a building) at the request of the appropriate Authorized Signatory via a work order.
  •  Cardholders are responsible for reporting their UConn ID loss to the One Card office.  A replacement card will automatically be fed into the card access system and overwrite a lost card.

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