Finance Area

The Associate Business Director, Stephanie Rimoczy, oversees the Finance Area.  This area is responsible for the budgeting and accounting for Facilities Operations.  Monthly AiM reports and financial statements are produced as well as ad hoc reports.  The finance team creates and monitors requisitions through HuskyBuy to obtain Purchase Orders and serve as a liaison between Facilities Operations employees and Procurement.  Invoices are administered through our department to ensure timely and correct payments.  The Finance Area produces service and internal billings for a number of services including campus wide vehicle leasing, residential and commercial rental properties, fuel purchases, motor vehicle repairs, moves and rentals through the Central Warehouse, lock shop services as well as certain services provided by the various trade shops.  The team assists with the administration of maintenance, energy conservation and capital projects managed by Facilities Operations.

The Finance Area Team:

  • Will manage an expense budget of $140M including Central Energy, Self-Supporting and Auxiliary Areas for FY20
  • Created nearly 10,000 Purchase Orders plus over 1,000 PO amendments in FY19
  • Processed and monitored over 10,000 disbursement vouchers in FY19
  • Processed and monitored over 36,000 payment requests in FY19
  • Processed and monitored over 2,000 ProCard transactions in FY19
  • Processed and monitored over 4,000 internal and service billings processed in FY19
  • Created and monitored over 3,600 customer invoices created in FY19

Contact Us

Tammie Corioso
(860) 486-5732

Associate Director
Stephanie Rimoczy
(860) 486-6685

Team Members:

Joshua Joseph 860-685-8931 Assistant Finance Manager
Danielle Bova 860-486-1784 Business Operations Specialist - Report Writer, Service and Internal Billings, Budget Construction, Financials
Cathy Canfield 860-486-6506 Administrative Program Support - Central Warehouse, Motor Pool, Purchasing and Invoicing, Travel, Non-Travel Reimbursement, Parking and Transportation Purchasing
Jeremy Friedman 860-486-7197 Associate Director of Strategic Operations and AiM Administrator
Kathy McKinney 860-486-4335 Administrative Program Support - Academic Renovations Financial Support
Tia Shackett 860-486-5436 Administrative Program Support - Purchasing, Invoicing, Utility Invoicing, Project Accounting, Regional Campus Financial Support, Student Employment