Motor Pool – Repair & Maintenance

Approximately 100 departments use University vehicles.  Motor Pool repairs and maintains all University vehicles including cars, buses, trucks, vans, club cars, all service vehicles, and landscape equipment.  Motor Pool also provides towing and emergency service.  Call Motor Pool to schedule repair or maintenance and please provide the following information: University license plate number, mileage, and name and phone number.

Vehicle maintenance service includes much more than an oil change.  Several inspections and checks are performed, including hoses, belts, pulleys, battery and cables; steering and suspension, brakes; exhaust system; tires; heater and defroster; fluid levels; lights, horn, windshield wipers, and more.

Motor Pool recommends checking the service sticker on your University vehicle, located on the upper left-hand corner of the windshield.  If the date or mileage on the service sticker is past due, call Motor Pool for an appointment as soon as possible.  Motor Pool highly recommends the designation of one person in your department to check the service sticker on a regular basis.

Parts and Supplies
Motor Pool sells automotive and other vehicle parts and supplies to University departments.  Motor Pool will find the part that your University vehicle needs.  Please provide Motor Pool with an FRS account number for billing when requesting parts or supplies.

Contact Us

Wesley Ayers
(860) 486-6659

Motor Pool Supervisor
David Perko
(860) 486-3029