Policy Documents:

Locksmith Services Policies and Procedures document

Lost Keys:

Where To Look:

  1. Think when & where you had them last.
  2. Retrace your steps.
  3. Check with main offices in the building you were in or around.

Other Places to check:

  1. Lost & Found @ Parking Services (860) 486-4930
  2. Police Department (860) 486-4800
  3. Locksmith Department (860) 486-2921
  4. Student Union Help Desk (860) 486-1140
  5. UConn Bookstore (860) 486-3537

When you lose state issued keys you should notify the department who issued them to you. All state issued keys have identifiable numbers on them. All keys returned to the Locksmith Department will be identified and returned to the proper department as soon as possible.

Lost Dormitory Keys:

When keys are returned that belong to Dormitories we identify them and call the complex office to let them know we have the keys. They will pick them up or have the student who owns them pick them up at our office. If the complex office picks them up then the student will go to the complex office.

Unlocking Services

Desks and File Cabinets:

Information required when needing a desk or file cabinet opened:

  1. Number and or letters that are on the cylinder, (where the key goes in). Examples: 1X010, C66A, 010.
  2. Brand name of lock if available. (Chicago, Steelcase, Corbin)

If we have a key we can let you borrow, you can come, sign it out and then return it to us. Sorry, due to under-staffing in our department we don’t have someone available to go and unlock desks and file cabinets daily.

In the event we need to send a locksmith to open the lock we will need a work request. We charge labor for this service. You will need to fill out a Work Request Form.

If you want to have keys made to keep, please request them on a Work Request Form. When they are made we will call you.

Buildings and Rooms:

We do not unlock rooms or buildings for anyone. Please call or see someone from your department who has a key. The Police Department will not unlock areas. We have no way of knowing if you belong in the area you are trying to access.

Picking Up Keys

Departmental Pickup/Delivery: of Keys that were Ordered: all departments can come and pick-up their keys that they order or they can request that keys be delivered through campus mail. With delivery we ask that you return the signed form to us within 2 days of delivery. No Master keys can be delivered, they must be signed for in person.  Our hours are Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. till 3:00 p.m.

We are located: in the Facilities Operations Building, room 209 at 25 LeDoyt Road.

If you have questions please call our department at (860) 486-2921.

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Dana Dunnack
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Bob Chieka
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