Energy Conservation

This group consists of Energy Efficiency (EE) professionals, metering professionals and engineering interns.  The group’s strategic objective is to lower operating and maintenance costs using the best available proven technology.  They implement and improve the validation of energy and water consumption of the campuses and campus buildings state wide, share the group’s knowledge base and provide background support to other UConn affiliations and state universities.  This group evaluates energy and water efficiency opportunities in facilities operations and new construction, reviews capital planning for opportunities, develops energy and water savings opportunities, and works closely with the Office of Sustainability to communicate progress in the energy, water and carbon reduction goals.  In addition, the Team solicits for funding of projects that include EE improvements, coordinates access to EE incentive funding from the represented utilities to support these opportunities.  The group coordinates with Facilities operations that install, maintain and/or improve the campus buildings and systems.  In addition to the EE practices, this Team develops energy consumption metering plans, maintains and develops metering standards for the university, implements and maintains the energy track metering systems, and reports the consumption data as required to management and others.

Contact Us

Interim AVP, Facilities Operations
Stanley L. Nolan
(860) 486-3208

Associate Director, Energy and Water Conservation
Katie Milardo
(860) 486-8745

Manager, Energy & Compliance
Mark Bolduc
(860) 486-8785

Electrical Engineer
Brian McKeon

Upcoming Events

  1. 4/17 Earth Day Spring Fling

Current State of GHG Emissions Abatement

UConn is committed to the goal of carbon neutrality by 2030 and zero carbon by 2040. The graph to the right indicates progress towards carbon neutrality as of 2023. The remaining GHG emissions to abate will be accomplished through a series of projects and initiatives including but not limited to Solar Canopies, Fuel Cells, and more.




Energy Conservation Projects

The Energy Conservation Program has a major effect on the reduction of Green House Gases on the UConn campuses. Some of these initiatives include improvements to existing structures and improved efficiency in design. Below are descriptions of some of the projects undertaken by the Energy Conservation team.