Human Resources & Payroll

Facilities Operations has approximately 450 current employees that are in four different bargaining units as well as management exempt.  At any time there are approximately thirty to forty positions in the process of being refilled or re-purposed.  In addition, we generally have approximately 130 student employees and during snow season we add another 100.

Job searches are created, processed and monitored from the initial posting to the job offer and then the new employees are on-boarded here.  Other internal personnel changes are entered into CORE CT from this area as well.  Timekeepers enter NP2 payroll into CORE CT and they monitor all other payroll entries. They provide quarterly sick time reports as well as assist with the probationary and annual review process for classified employees.  This area is also in charge of the administration of the Building & Emergency Contact List (BEC List) which is the campus-wide communication tool for building and utility emergency notification and information.  Other services provided are the administration and distribution of all uniforms and clothing, advertising for job postings, travel administration, managing desk and cell phones, managing all department provided meal plans, overtime equalization documentation and reporting for classified unions, and tracking and documenting all required and specialized training for employees.

Team Members:

Tracey Miller 860-486-5357 HR/Searches
Kathie Hood 860-486-5103 Central Warehouse timekeeper, meal plans, stationery/business cards, overtime equalization, electrical glove testing
Sheryl Nasansky 860-486-5249 Housekeeping timekeeper, hiring and on-boarding
Holly Rau 860-486-3194 HVAC, Plumbing, EMS, Evening Trades, Landscape, Cogen & WPCF timekeeper, training, other payroll
Annemarie Ryan 860-486-6301 Housekeeping timekeeping, travel, phone moves
Evelyn Sehl 860-486-6220 Uniforms and clothing, meal plans, overtime equalization, on-boarding, training
Natalka Tuczkewycz 860-486-1911 Housekeeping timekeeper, Overtime Equalization

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