Utility Metering

An effective metering program provides accurate utility services data and complete data analysis in a timely manner leading to corrective actions and ultimately campus-wide improvements.  Installation of meters in individual buildings provides UConn personnel the ability to manage and analyze real-time information on how much energy and water is being used at any given time.  This allows for optimization and improvement of building operations which in turn leads to reduced energy and water use as well as a reduction in costs.

The Metering Workshop has two full-time I & C Technicians that are responsible for the installation, maintenance and calibration of utility services sub-meters in various building locations on the Storrs campus.  These utility services include electricity, steam, condensate return, chilled water, domestic water and reclaimed water.  Installation of sub-meters requires coordination with outside vendors, Facilities Operations Trade Services personnel, ITS and Public Safety.

Metering Topology Overview

Metering Topology Overview

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