Operations Center

The Operations Center is staffed 24/7/365 to coordinate maintenance requests for the university. The Operations Center provides a point of contact for the entire campus. This group is the communication center for all requests for repairs and maintenance emergencies.

Maintenance requests should be submitted by completing a Service Request.


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Contact Information


Lynn Hallarin

(860) 486-3632


Associate Director

Andy Kelly

(860) 372-6328



Jeremy Friedman

(860) 942-6604


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You can submit a service request by completing our online form.

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Submit a Service Request

Operations Center

What Happens Next?

You will receive an email with a service request number for tracking and follow up purposes along with the shop assigned the repair. A work order will be assigned to the appropriate shop and issued a priority code. Priority codes are defined below:

Priority Code 1: is assigned to emergency requests that could result in an immediate or imminent threat to life, or severe property damage: i.e.; animal lab temperature too high/low, flooding, loss of power.

Priority Code 2: is assigned to building maintenance requests that has the potential threat to life, property, security or the environment: i.e.; all lights out, HVAC temperature adjustments, non-functioning fume hoods, food service refrigeration failure, elevator repairs.

Priority Code 3: is assigned to minor maintenance routine requests that do not pose an immediate risk to facilities: i.e.;ballast replacement, broken furniture, lights out (where there is sufficient light), ceiling tile replacement.

Priority Code 4: is assigned to work that is planned, scheduled, or to be completed by a certain date or time: i.e.; Events, PM inspections or service, improvements, painting.