Interior Renewal

The Interior Renewal team coordinates and completes cosmetic type improvements to interior building spaces, including areas in Academic and Administrative Buildings, Athletic facilities and Dining Services areas.  The main objective is to improve buildings public spaces, corridors, faculty and staff offices, support areas and classrooms that are in need of cosmetic repairs/upgrades.  The renewal program commonly known within the University as “Fluff n Buff” has made a major impact in recent years to the Academic Buildings on campus.  The requests for flooring replacement are assigned through the work order process, and managed by Interior Renewal using the University’s on call flooring vendor’s contract.

The Interior Renewal team also provides services for replacement of window shades/blinds using the University’s on call vendor’s contract.

Interior Renewal also conducts conditions assessment inspections for interior building finishes.  This inspection process provides important data to assist in planning for Facilities Operations yearly building improvement budgets.

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