Central Warehouse

The mission of Central Warehouse is to provide receiving and distribution services as economically and efficiently as possible for the Faculty and Staff of UConn at Storrs. We also provide other services: Table, chair, and poster board rentals, moving services, and more. See our Frequently Asked Questions below.

We are located at 3 Discovery Drive—in the Central Warehouse Building behind the Public Safety Complex and across the street from Motor Pool. We're on the 1st floor and our entrance is on the back-right side of the building to the right of the loading docks. See also: Map. Warehouse hours: Mon-Fri, 7am-4:00pm. Office hours: Mon-Fri, 6:30am-4:00pm.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Where are you located and what are your hours?


3 Discovery Drive, behind the Public Safety Complex, across the street from Motor Pool. On the 1st floor of the Central Warehouse building; entrance is on the back-right side of the building, to the right of the loading docks. Warehouse hours: Mon-Fri, 7am – 4:00pm. Office hours: 6:30am – 4:00pm.



2. I’m on line and the system says there is none of the item in stock. Can I order it?


We recommend you purchase products through HuskeyBuy whenever possible.



3. I work at a regional campus or a cooperative extension center (not in Storrs). When do you deliver to me?


Central Stores no longer delivers to locations outside of Storrs/Mansfield.



4. How do I request… move service, pickup, shredding, tables & chairs, poster boards, etc.?


Request many services by completing an online form. You may request move service, pickup of various items, shredding of confidential University documents, table and chair rental for University conferences and seminars, delivery of poster boards, and more.



5. What shipping services do you offer?


Central Warehouse is a pickup point for several carriers, including Federal Express, UPS, and DHL. Items must be properly packaged and labeled with the appropriate carrier's shipping label.



6. Do you recycle cartridges?


Yes. Use our online pickup form to request pickup of used cartridges for recycling. Write “RECYCLE” on the box.


Contact Us

Aris Ristau
(860) 486-1499

Associate Director
Andy Kelly
(860) 372-6328

Shawn White
(860) 486-6297